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Northwest Folklife Festival Next “Northwest Stories” Installment Premieres at Northwest Film Forum - Northwest Folklife Festival

Next “Northwest Stories” Installment Premieres at Northwest Film Forum




Join us next Monday, March 5 at 7pm at Northwest Film Forum for the world premiere of our latest “Northwest Stories” short documentary, about the all-ages movement in the Northwest.

What happens when thousands of music lovers in a musician’s Mecca can’t go to shows? Seattle and Olympia recount the birth of their famous all-ages scenes. Featuring The Vera Project and The Olympia All Ages Project, with music from Meowtain, Tender Forever, The Hive Dwellers, Knowmads, Lemolo and Twin Sister.

The film will play before another short movie featuring musician Calvin Johnson, who will perform after the screening. Read more, get directions, and purchase tickets here.

About Northwest Stories:
During its forty years, Northwest Folklife has been involved with an extraordinary group of communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Stories combines images and sounds that tell a community’s story in its own words. The first group of Northwest Stories is a series of eight videos exploring communities that have long been a part of the annual Northwest Folklife Festival.

Northwest Stories has been made possible, in part, by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Local videographer Doug Plummer produced the videos along with Deborah Fant, Deputy Director of Northwest Folklife, and Kelli Faryar, Programs Manager.